Educational Grant

Philippine Nurses Association of Wisconsin (PNAWI)

                             EDUCATIONAL GRANT


This is to establish guidelines for achieving an Educational Grant for all PNAWI members.  The purpose of the grant is to encourage and provide PNAWI members to attend a continuing education event i.e. an in-service, conference, and seminar related to nursing profession or can be use towards PNA-WI membership fee or nursing licensure.


Each year, one (1) PNAWI member will be awarded of $ 100.00.

The Educational Grant is eligible to PNA-WI member that support our mission and purpose of the PNAWI.  Eligible PNAWI member who will receive the grant is not eligible to receive again for 2 years, like for example, you earned grant in 2013, and you may re-apply for a grant in 2016, this is to give a chance for other PNAWI members.


The Educational Grant requires an application, and recipient of the award is then chosen by random selection, for example, by drawing or raffle.  The grant will be awarded during Education Day.

All nominees should follow the said requirements in order to be eligible in drawing or raffle.


Eligibility Requirements:

Eligibility requirements for the Educational Grant include all of the following:

1)       Must be current /active member of PNAWI.

2)       Volunteer in Healthcare settings or any other organizations such as in the Clinic, Hospital, Nursing home, FAAWIS, etc… need to submit evidence of volunteerism with letter or statement from Director or Supervisor of the facility. 

Volunteer: Goal rate 2X / year

3)       Active participation in PNAWI by attending meetings as scheduled.  Attendance will be monitored by the PNA-WI Secretary. 

Executive /Board: Goal rate 4X / year 

General Assembly:  Goal rate 1X / year

4)       Participation in any fundraisings for PNAWI, i.e. bingo socials, glucose and blood pressure checks, bowling, Brewers game, Christmas carols, and siopaos / empanadas, and etc…  Participation will be monitored by the PNAWI Secretary.

Fundraisings:  Goal rate 2X / year


*** TO APPLY for the Educational Grant, please complete the attached application. 

Applications should be submitted via e-mail to:

Entries are due on or before October 25, 2014.

Drawing or raffle will be held on the day of our Annual General Assembly meeting on November 8, 2014.


Composed: MMallari, 2010

Updated:  MMallari, 11/26/2012; 06/02/2013; 03/29/2014

             Philippine Nurses Association of Wisconsin (PNAWI)                                 




Name of PNAWI member: ___________________________________________________________


Contact # / E-mail address: ________________________________________



I ____________________________________an active PNAWI member have met the requirements for the


grant.  Below provide short statement or supporting paper of accomplishment for each criterion.



1)       volunteer in any Healthcare settings or any other organizations


2)       Attendance – General and EB meetings


3)       fundraisings



I _________________________________ attest that the above is a true description of my eligibility, to meet the requirements for the PNAWI Educational Grant.


Signature _____________________________________ Date ____________________






** Date received:  _____________ initial: ___________

Marilyn G. Mallari, Chairperson: PNAWI Education and Professional Development Committee


President, PNAWI signature ______________________ Date ____________________

Gem Cubos



Composed: MMallari, 2010

Updated: MMallari 11/26/2012, 06/02/2013; 03/29/2014